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Why do business with Canada project ?

Immigrating to Canada is an important decision. It's a choice we made after careful consideration and will determine your future and your family.

The immigration process in Canada is increasingly complex. We can do it yourself, but you could jeopardize his case to fail. So give your file a Canadian immigration consultant, approved by the governments of Canada.

Mr. M. El Gamraoui, president of Canada Project, is a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant, Full member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Communities and Immigration du Québec (MICC) and entered in the Register of Quebecers Immigration Consultants and the Government of Quebec.

Projet Canada offers various immigration programs. In particular the program "Skilled Workers" The "Business Class" and the program "International Students". We also offer our clients all the services they may need upon arrival in Canada as the sponsorship of their relatives.

We offer a personalized service tailored to the needs of each client, according to his case and according to their specific needs immigration.

Editor Mohamed El Gamraoui, our immigration law firm :

Offers a free evaluation of your eligibility before you purchase our Canadian immigration services (personal feedback on your qualifications);

You with professional advice on the requirements, procedures and issues related to immigration to Canada;

Assists in the preparation and submission of the application and supporting documents required for application for Certificate of Selection Quebec and the application for permanent residence;

Assist you in all exchanges, presentations and approaches with officials or officials from Immigration Canada;

Provides you with a guide to advice on the preparation of any interview granted in consideration of the request, and prepares you for the interview;

Gives you tools to search for jobs, housing and training to help you integrate and simplify your business in Canada;

Offers extra services such as airport reception, purchasing a car, rental housing, home buying steps, or assistance to invest in Quebec;

Offers students a wide range of colleges and universities in Canada, which accept foreign students. We provide registration, payment and a wide choice of schools;

 Offers many other free advice. For example: City of Canada will be ideal for you, schools where you can enroll your children, how to buy a car or obtaining a driving license ...

To see if you are eligible for our immigration services, download the evaluation form, complete it and return it to us by e-mail. We will communicate the outcome of the assessment as soon as possible.

For more information contact our representative nearest you or write us at Contact@projetcanada.com.


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